Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 – 9:30
Saturday, Sunday & holidays 8:00 – 10:30
Served in our breakfast room or the front porch, weather permitting

Continental Breakfast

(Included in room rate)
(* means we have it in gluten free upon request)
Orange, cranberry or apple juice
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate
Blueberry muffin, *multi or white toast
Raisin bran, *cheerios, *chex, shredded wheat, cornflakes or oatmeal
(oatmeal with a side of brown sugar, raisins & cinnamon - not available July & August)
Fresh fruit salad, yogurt, cottage cheese, *granola - choose your combination

A La Carte & Non Hotel Guests

Juice: small 2.00 large 3.50
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate 1.50
Fresh fruit salad small 3.00   large 4.50
Yogurt with fresh fruit salad and *granola 6.50
Hot or cold cereal: see list above  2.50
Blueberry muffin, *multi or white toast 2.50
Eggs (scramble, sunny or over) and toast 8.00
Side of sausage 1.50